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The Digital Enterprise Society promotes the evolution of the design and manufacturing community towards the formation of the digital enterprise, through the use of digital information to support and drive product decisions.

In this environment, digital product and process definitions serve as dynamic artifacts used by various authors and consumers of information to enable the transformation of product development, design, production, delivery, and maintenance. 

The digital enterprise embraces feedback from stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the product, thereby improving the connection between the product and its digital twin, to effectively enable and sustain subsequent products and product iterations. The digital twin concept is fundamental to the digital enterprise – a high-fidelity, digital counterpart to the physical products and the processes used to create it – which acts as a predictive input and dynamic validation mechanism for a company’s products.

People working within the enterprise have an enlightened view of digital product information, and how it can be leveraged in their daily work. Organizational and cultural change are fundamental to this evolution, and the Digital Enterprise Society will contribute to that evolution by:

  • Offering a forum for the exchange of ideas surrounding the tools, processes, and practices used across the product lifecycle
  • Supporting the transformative effects on people’s work through engagement and mentoring opportunities
  • Providing a voice in the development of the next-generation manufacturing workforce by engaging and supporting educational development and experiences within the entire talent development pipeline to enable the manufacturing transformation to the digital enterprise paradigm
  • Offering an unbiased environment in which to exchange ideas around digital manufacturing tools, process and practice, and their integration into the enterprise


The Society is dedicated to the transformation of the manufacturing enterprise workforce. 


The Society will catalyze organizational transformation as a trusted resource to enable best practices and processes, to create certification and education frameworks, and to recognize industry leaders in implementing the art of the possible for the digital enterprise. 




Strategic Priorities Document


Policy and Procedure Manual