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Digital Enterprise Society Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome! This is where you can easily volunteer for projects that fit your interests, expertise, and schedule. Here you will find short-term, micro-volunteer options as well as one-year term Committees, Task Forces, and Board opportunities.

Standing Committees:  Board-led committees with staff liaisons. Other staff may be asked to join and/or participate.

  • Certification Committee (board and non-board members)
  • Audit Committee (board and non-board members)
  • Finance and Budget Committee (board members only)
  • Nominating and Governance Committee (board and non-board members)
  • Compensation Committee (board members only)


Departmental Committees:  Member-led committees with board liaisons.

  1. Member Engagement Committee
    • Membership Renewal Task Force
    • New Member Task Force
    • Regional Relations Task Force
    • Young Professionals Task Force
  2. Marketing Communications Committee
    • Newsletter Production Task Force
    • Podcast Production Task Force
    • Testimonial Task Force
  3. Education/Training Committee
    • Event Task Force
    • Content Creation Task Force
      • Webinars
      • DES TV
      • Bloggers
      • Podcast Lineup
      • Training Courses
      • Models and Samples
  1. Awards and Recognition Committee
    • Award Creation Task Force
    • Award Recognition Task Force
  2. Volunteer Recruitment and Recognition Committee
    • Volunteer Recruitment Task Force
    • Volunteer Recognition Task Force
  3. Affiliate Engagement Committee
    • Affiliate Events Task Force
    • Affiliate Discounts and Promotions Task Force
    • Affiliate Outreach Task Force
  4. Career Committee
    • Mentor/Mentee Task Force
    • Women in the Digital Enterprise


Micro-Volunteer Teams: DES Department-led groups with limited time/scope.

  • Event Volunteers
  • Speakers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Bloggers/Writers
  • Beta Badgers 
  • Peer Reviewers